The Pursuit of Happiness

Meditated balance, I've achieved my inner peace
Make amends with yourself, massacre to
It's a given, I've been gifted
Bryon Bishop with the vision
Narcissistic nonetheless
Suicide is not mission
Growth and independence issa vibe
Trending epidemic
Niggas felt depression early
Now a nigga
Nigga live ya life
I'm too busy living mine
Taking one step at a time
Time to elevate the vibe




When you live in a city, and are always in a city, an escape to an oasis of nature can be nice. When you take the time out to enjoy and be in nature, you may remember that humans are a part of it, just like the lily pads, trees, and ducks. At the duck pond, two people sit, enjoying nature. Lily pads float, duckie waddles.



This is a story about how I grew up alone, back and forth in the system. I lost my grandmother when I was 7 years old. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Life was empty, nobody understood my anger. The flowers were my grandmother’s favorite. I’d bring her a bunch and she’d give me the best hugs.

I sat alone for 6 years. I wouldn’t speak or leave my room for months. It got to the point where I forgot how to speak, so I spoke through my pictures. I would sit on the same patch of grass my grandmother died on and take a bunch of pictures like she was still there.

After some time I got back to reality and started opening myself to the outside world and met a group of people that’ve become good friends over time. Now I tell stories through photos.



Finding Your Path

My story is about how parents try to choose our life for us. And I demonstrated that portrayal in Photo 1, because they are literally carrying us into the path they want us to go down.


Our parents try to shelter us from things that we must experience in order for us to grow as a person. And because of that we have to relinquish the hold they have on us and be our own person. Live our own life and find our own path.



Precious Stones: Traditions in the African Oral Tradition

I tell a story of a group of like-minded artistic individuals creating together. As class began, a group of fellows sat at the round table, yelling we are "Precious Stones!" We learned how to use camera equipment, and used the African oral tradition to tell our stories through the images we captured.



Look here . . . What do you see?

This story challenges the viewers to become immersed in the immediate photo and then to focus deeper on what they see. Each image was chosen for its color, composition, or texture, all of which help the viewers to focus on what is directly in front of them. The aim is to not simply view these photos, but to see each interaction with nature as requiring intent
and focus.




Seeds of Change

My story is about how any positive change
may begin small, but its influence can
spread and eventually make a true difference
in society.

The journey from the wilted dandelions to the city framed with greenery shows how an individual or a small group of individuals are able to impact many.


As some trees and plants take time to flourish, the parallel highlights how change isn’t always swift and immediate, but may take years of effort and hard work before the fruits are seen.



“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”
- Alice Walker

My story explores the relationship between a woman and flowers…

My story is about a point in time where a woman's life and career path were chosen for them. The first image portrays the woman’s options placed in front of her.

When you look at the second image what do you see? Flowers? That’s what I thought. When I look at the second image I envision different vocations women can choose from.

The last image displays how women finally have the opportunity to choose their futures. Women have always been second-guessed on what they are capable of; now we’ve started a women’s revolution.


Senses of Pride

My story came to me after looking through my most recent works and analyzing how they correlate with the current state of society and the world. I feel as though people have forgotten to dream and aim as high.

It's as though society has deterred and discouraged us from believing we can have the lives we deserve. However, in the same instance, the world around us is changing and becoming more accepting of what once was seen as "strange" or "weird."


As a spiritual being, I take pride in experimenting, being weird and viewed as different because it contributes to my freedom. To whomever may read this, ignite your Senses of Pride with experimenting, positive thoughts, self-love and care, and being proud of who YOU truly are.



In a Garden Full of Grass
Why Not Be a Flower?

My story is about being kind in a world that is sometimes cruel and insensitive. Even though it can be hard sometimes, you must always remember who you are, and just because the world has done you unfair you must appreciate it and its beauty and magic that is also for people. Just because someone has done you unjust, you don’t have to do the same.

Someone very special to me told me embrace who you are and don’t treat people how they treat you. Be kind to everyone because in a garden of grass why not be a flower?



This story, Regeneration, seeks to expose a universal truth that binds together the forces of nature and humanity. The concept of regeneration has been pioneered by the natural world. The endless process of healing and revival is embodied from the trees to the seas.

Like a phoenix, new life relentlessly arises from the ashes of the fallen. Destruction is just another inevitable phase in the journey. Regeneration ensures that as long as a single shred of the subject still exists, there is always the possibility for returning to wholeness.

An empowering lesson about the human experience develops when we internalize the lessons being presented. This story reminds us that no matter how battered, broken, or splintered we become, as long as a small piece of ourselves remains intact, we can return to our full selves again.