I would recommend this program to a friend because I think everyone should get a chance to tell their story.


Baltimore Youth Film Arts is built on the contributions of its fellows.  The young artists who devote their time, intelligence, and creativity make the program possible.  Together they're assembling an archive of original, expressive work.

Fellows are compensated for their contributions with stipends, and their commitment to the job for which they are paid is confirmed by a written contract.  BYFA values fellows' participation and expects that fellows will meet their obligations.  All fellows must sign contracts.  Contracts for fellows under the age of 18 must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.  

Payment of the stipend is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the workshop and is paid in a single sum at the end of the commitment.  Depending on the hours of the workshop, stipends may range from $250.00 to $300.00.  

Payment of the stipend is also contingent upon completion of a Johns Hopkins University PaymentWorks form. Fellows will be notified by email about accessing the form, which requires a correct Social Security Number, correct Date of Birth, and correct full name.  Johns Hopkins may not make any financial award without this information.  Completion of the PaymentWorks form is not required for participation; it is only required for the awarding of a stipend.

Payment of stipends will be made up to 30 days after the last workshop meeting.  Delayed completion of the PaymentWorks form may result in delayed payment of the stipend.

Each fellow is also awarded a certificate of successful completion in recognition of their hard work.  Certificates are distributed in a ceremony at the final screening at the session's end.   Fellows must be present at the screening to receive their certificates.

Fellows and instructors work together in workshops to complete both individual and group projects.  Time is limited, a lot of ground is covered, and everyone must be present and on time for projects to succeed.   Fellows must be able to count on each other for support.  The expectation is that every fellow will be present and on time for every workshop meeting.  In the event a fellow is absent for more than one workshop meeting or is late for more than two workshop meetings, they will not be paid a stipend.  Nonetheless, fellows are encouraged to continue to participate even after more than one absence.  Their contributions are no less valuable and BYFA hopes to include every voice on the program website.   

Fellows with longer commutes must allow sufficient time for travel.  Fellows with special transportation challenges should contact the program office: 410-244-8243.  

Fellows should consider final screening attendance a vital feature of program participation. Fellows are strongly encouraged to support and learn from other BYFA artists as they celebrate their own accomplishments.

All required registration forms will be mailed to home addresses when prospective fellows request enrollment via the Contact page.  They may also be downloaded through the links below.  Prospective participants must contact the program to enroll.  Forms mailed before enrollment is confirmed will not guarantee registration.

Completed registration forms should be mailed to:

Baltimore Youth Film Arts
JHU-MICA Film Center
10 E. North Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21202



Registration Form (PDF)

Student Fellow Release (PDF) (for participants under 18, release must be signed by parent or legal guardian)