Street Life

I feel as though street life is very important to a city because it brings character and energy to it. Street life can tell the story of where we live. It can describe traditions, what the place has been through, and what's important to the people in the city. If you travel around Baltimore, these are some of the sights you will see.



The heat makes you willing and vulnerable, open and genuine. Release and relax. During this Artscape weekend, I tried to capture what was behind the behind-the-scenes. The feeling in each smile, gaze, and stance. The heat in the atmosphere, the love of life in the air.



The photos I took show Baltimore. The people, the city. Not everything here is bad in what's sometimes called the most dangerous city in America. Baltimore is full of great art, cityscapes, and residents, so I capture them, the positive side: the greatness that doesn't make the news. I show the hope and the beauty here. I show Baltimore.



Good color editing brings the best out of a photo. The brighter it is, the more you can understand the emotion behind the image. This is not just my own opinion, but a fact: different colors affect our moods differently. That fact is the basis of my photography.



Are we a part of life or is life a part of us? Are you looking at a tree or does your mind just interpret what your eyes see? One never really knows what another person observes, but it pays to be observant. The following images are representations of the many things I observe on the street. There are hidden messages and meanings in everything I see: I am eager to share my special interpretation with you.



What makes me take a picture and capitalize on a moment? The simple answer is that some moments look good, while most don't. We must recognize what we want, and do what we can to make it happen. In an ideal world, every picture I take would be the picture I wanted to take.



I look for strong compositions. I want to paint the feeling I have in pixels. Whether it be humor, loneliness, or awe. My goal is to capture the feeling that my eye captures in a single frame.



Still Life

Still Life is about me portraying what is alive -- literally or metaphorically. The pictures I present here were public for all to see, but I thought to record them. I want to remind you here of my unique perspective.



Baltimore gets a bad reputation for all the criminal activity that constantly occurs here. My pieces shed light on another side of Baltimore -- a side that people don't get to see or experience from far outside the community. I show you things you might not imagine about Baltimore -- things that might remind you of home.