Ages 16-29
Summer 2019, JHU-MICA Film Centre

In this short, concentrated workshop, student fellows will explore the challenges of street photography, engaging spontaneously with their environment in all its forms; capturing people, animals, buildings and alleyways, weather, and changes of light. Before each shooting session, fellows will view and discuss photos by great street photographers such as by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Mary-Ellen Mark, Gordon Parks, and others.  As they learn creative camera control and the soft skills of street photography – what to wear, how to interact with people, and how adapt to a changing environment – fellows will gain the ability to take effective street photos in their daily lives.  While shooting, fellows will work from "treasure hunt" lists and specific assignments even as they rely on chance to find their subjects, then review their own and each other's images at the end of each meeting to select, critique, and edit, in search of "decisive moments." Each fellow will create a portfolio and write an accompanying artist’s statement.  Their work will be shared on the program website and at a public exhibition.  Limited to 8 student fellows. 

Somer Greer is a poet and photographer who, since moving from Florida, is happy to call Baltimore home. He teaches writing at Johns Hopkins University and Loyola University, and pursues photography all over the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. He is thrilled to help make Baltimore stronger through art.

Daniela Zapata is a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where she majored in neuroscience and French. She is a photographer, working with The News-Letter and with Visual Resources Collections. She also works independently on shoots for student groups and campus organizations.