Ages 18-29
Summer 2016, Motorhouse and on location

This filmmaking workshop will expose student fellows to the world of professional commercial film production.  The workshop will run as a client “assignment” to produce a short documentary film that tells the stories of three of Baltimore’s Returning Citizens.  Background: The ruling of the landmark 2013 case Unger v. State led to the release of over a hundred prisoners serving life sentences for violent crimes in Maryland.  The prisoners released on probation had typically been incarcerated in their late teens or early twenties and had served between thirty-five and forty-five years.  The film produced by this workshop will tell the stories of three of these men.  Student fellows will be working members of a professional crew and, in collaboration with the instructor, who will serve as director, will be responsible for all aspects of preproduction planning, on location filming, interviews, and editing.   No prior experience is necessary, but these paid, professional positions require fellows be present and on time for all scheduled meetings, no exceptions.  Limited to 10 student fellows.

Annette Porter is a documentary filmmaker and co-founder, with Helen Morell, of Nylon Films, UK.  Comfortable with her camera in a corporate boardroom or on a high altitude trail in Chile, she produces, directs, and shoots both stills and moving images.

Taylor Daynes lives and teaches in Baltimore City. She earned her MFA in poetry from Johns Hopkins and is currently pursuing ordination in the Episcopal Church. She hopes to focus her future ministry on the arts and community engagement.