Folasade Alvarez-Gibson

I love to shoot in an attempt to capture people how
I see them. It is a way to get people to see things exactly how I see things. There's nothing else to interpret of it, except what is captured through the screen.




My work explores using reflections and patterns to convey  alternate perspectives.
I love to experiment with different techniques in order to  create images.


What inspired my boxing story is really Gordon Parks, a well-known photographer that used to take pictures of Muhammad Ali. I wanted to capture the essence of a boxer in his environment, the grind of a pro boxer making it to the top, living his moment, his dream. Freezing the moment, making it feel surreal when in actuality it is real.


Oddly enough, these photos are all happy accidents. Some photos show how I deconstruct people and leave an open-ended question of who/what the subject is, who/what you see it as or what environments foster that perception (basically assumptions vs. facts). Another interest of mine has been motion, which is a process that helps to create narratives of not only drug use and mental health but of spirituality and mysticism.


I want to use my talent of acting along with photography and film production to tell the stories of people who are underrepresented in mainstream media. We need to see more people of color who, like my son, suffer from epilepsy and learning disabilities such as autism and the effects it has on families.

This is my family and support system!





My images reflect the rawness and intimacy which
I seek throughout various moments in my life. Through what I seek to capture in nature, colors and people depict my state of mind. As I grow, I hope to photograph simplicity and sincerity through the interaction between people and nature.


The solidarity of the night, while the warm response of family gives me the feeling of home. Though family can be scary sometimes, just like the night, there's a certain warmth from it that reassures me; makes me feel safe. 
As a home should.





I am a sixteen year old girl. Here I photograph what I know.


Photo Book Available: Talking Pictures