Ages 16-29
Summer 2018, Johns Hopkins Homewood

The three most important things about a screenplay, it's said, are story, story, story.  In this screenwriting workshop student fellows will consider what makes a good story and how best to shape their own personal visions for film.  Through analysis of screened films and discussion of a produced feature screenplay, they'll learn about structure, character and scene design, meaningful action, and effective dramatic dialogue.  Then through in-class and at-home writing exercises, group table readings, and constructive critiques of one another's work, fellows will each develop a complete script for a short film (5-10 minutes).  Their screenplays may be shared on the program website and in outline at a public screening, according to individual preference.  Limited to 9 student fellows.

Lucy Bucknell teaches screenwriting and film studies in the Film and Media Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University.  She is the founding director of Writing Outside the Fence, a writing program for returning citizens and their extended community.

Jake Golden is a Philadelphia native and a senior Writing Seminars major at Johns Hopkins University.  After graduation, he hopes to pursue a career in screenwriting and film production.