Ages 16-25
Winter 2018, JHU-MICA Film Center

This digital video workshop will encourage student fellows to consider their relationships to institutions and to the authority figures in their lives, and to formulate thoughtful, personally expressive responses on film.  We all experience systems through individuals, whether “education” through a teacher, “medicine” through a doctor, even “family” through a parent or grandparent.  Encounters may be positive or negative.  Fellows will have opportunity to share a range of experiences in classroom discussion, and to choose which individuals and which institutions to “speak truth to” through their projects.  In addition to teachers, doctors, family, they might consider ministers, counselors, police officers, or powerful adults not connected to institutions, from a local political activist to a neighborhood gang leader; anyone whose behavior has influenced their world views.  Fellows will work collaboratively to create short films, honing critical thinking and communication skills.  They’ll learn digital video- and audio-recording, and editing on Adobe Premiere.  Their projects will be shared at a public screening and on the program website.  Limited to 12 student fellows.

Dean Radcliffe-Lynes is an Emmy Award-winning producer of specials and documentaries.  She also produces videos for nonprofit organizations and has extensive experience with content to facilitate prisoner reentry.  Clients include the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Girls Advocacy Project, Inc., and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Matthew Dillon is a Baltimore-born and based videographer and photographer.  He has worked with Baltimore City Schools, and produces his own creative content.

Ceci Freed is a Film and Media Studies and Spanish double major at Johns Hopkins.  She is interested in pursuing a career in the television and film industry.