Ages 16-29
Summer 2017, Johns Hopkins Homewood

This short workshop will be devoted to the art of audio recording.  Using a range of recording devices in the classroom, on group walking tours, and at home, fellows will capture everything from traffic noise to birdsong to jump rope chants.  They may write personal monologues, poems, or original music, and from all these different recordings create layered soundscapes reflecting their personal stories and their neighborhoods.  Through discussion and sharing, technical demonstrations, occasional readings, and group critques, the workshop will address how best to record the different kinds of sounds and, using Adobe Audition, how best to edit them.  Assignments will focus on how to actively listen as well as on how to restructure and create.  Fellows may pursue work in a variety of genres and will consider the integration of sound with other media.  They will work both collaboratively and independently, and learn the basics of recording, mixing, and processing, as well as the creative possibilities and applications of sound.  Final projects will be shared on the program website and at a public exhibition.  Limited to 12 student fellows.

Zoe Friedman is a multimedia installation artist.  She loves to explore, travel, and collaborate, and has created art projects all over the world.  She holds an MFA from MICA and is proud to call Baltimore home. 

Maya Bond is a Loyola University Maryland graduate with a degree in Communications and Photography.  She is currently a host for We Won't Keep Quiet, a podcast highlighting how the 2016 presidential election has impacted women of color.

Jaeyoung Lee has recently moved from biology to The Writing Seminars and the Film and Media Studies Program.  He has spent the last year learning the ropes of digital filmmaking and hopes to share the knowledge he's gained.