Ages 16-29
Summer 2106; Faith, Hope, and Charity Christian Center & JHU-MICA Film Center

This filmmaking and audio workshop will explore the role of sound in digital storytelling; how sound, including music, combines with and informs visuals to reveal world and character, to convey emotion and conflict.  Student fellows will gather stories about music from family and friends, interview professional musicians, and consider their own relationships to the music in their lives.  Then, in collaboration with each other and the instructors, they'll work to tell these stories effectively through music and on film.  Fellows will learn aesthetics, digital film- and music-making skills, and interview protocols.  They'll become conversant in the editing program Adobe Final Cut Pro and the digital audio workstation program Ableton. Finished films will be shown at a public screening and made available on the program website.  

Charles Cohen's most recent documentary film is The Crooked Tune, an Old Time Fiddler in a Modern World.  He has written for The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post, and the Baltimore City Paper.  

Jason “J” Gray is a director, editor, sound mixer, musical consultant, and DJ.  He has contributed to several feature films in both cinematography and sound, and is currently a multimedia specialist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Multimedia Studios.  

Amy Hodges holds a BA in Photography from Virginia Intermont College and a Master of Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins.  She enjoys urban street photography and all things documentary.

Danielle Gboizo is a Baltimore native with a strong belief that every person has a story to tell. She'd like to assist the youth of the city in learning to create art to share with the world.  Her video diary Bath Time was screened at the inaugural BYFA event on June 4, 2016.