Ages 16-29
Summer 2019, Johns Hopkins Homewood

This workshop will explore the wide world of podcasting, from storytelling to reporting, from cinematic drama to roundtable discussion, from the personal and quirky to the newsworthy and informative. Fellows will be introduced to a panoply of styles and voices in current podcasts even as they design their own shows. They’ll learn how to create a podcast concept and turn it into a signature sound. They’ll learn about different microphones, how to edit digital audio, and where to find archives of sounds and music to use in their work. At the end of the session each fellow will present the first episode of their own podcast, complete with a tagline and graphic design to make it ready to stream across platforms. Along the way, they’ll get tips and techniques for interviewing, constructive comments on concepts and scripts, feedback on recording and sound quality, and all the tools needed to finish their projects. Podcasts will be shared at a public exhibition and on the program website. Limited to 12 student fellows.

Kyle Stine is a lecturer in the Film and Media Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University. He has studied cinema and media on research fellowships at Media@McGill at McGill University in Montreal and the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, DC.

Katherine Paul is a Johns Hopkins University Film and Media Studies rising senior. With a background in fine arts and digital media, she aspires to further pursue her creativities and broaden and deepen her established expertise.