Aiko Alvarez-Gibson

When we think about our communities, the places we call home and the places we see on a daily basis, often times our mind paints a picture, or rather, a collage of certain aspects that, personally, we find rather memorable. After living in a community for so long, the little things that perhaps an outsider would find interesting or peculiar easily go unnoticed, simply because you are so used to it. One could say that we become blind, living in a place we feel we know so well, so blind that, in fact, how well we actually know our communities becomes questionable. This is a phenomenon that I have labeled the ‘Everyday Phenomenon.’


The focus of this exhibition was to bring attention to the everyday, the otherwise easily forgotten. Focusing on the Patterson Park neighborhood, I was already familiar with the area because it is the location of my middle school, however as a junior it has been some time since passing through. I photographed anything of visual interest to me, attempting to capture its natural beauty in a demystified light.



 The Future Has Begun...


Den'Marice Chambers

Love Thy Neighbor
We show love to some
But what about the others?
Let's start with neighbors



Kiha Howard

I like doing art because it's fun.  
I take pictures and give them to my family.




Belén Rugerio Mejia

Baltimore, like the rest of the world, is full of all kinds of people: rich, poor, black, white, European, Asian, Latino. It's not possible to communicate with all of them through words because not everyone will understand. Yet show them a photo or drawing and each one will be able to draw meaning from it and interpret it. To me visual art is the bridge that connects the people in this city (as well as the world) because everyone can understand it and although each person is different they all share a common trait, whether it be their place of residence, their experiences, or even just the fact that they are all human.


The disposable camera can shape a patient and careful photographer.  With a digital camera, a photographer can take and view thousands of photos in an hour, but the disposable camera does not provide that luxury.  In this class, we learned basic techniques to produce quality photos with inexpensive equipment.  And each week we learned more about the capabilities and possibilities of the disposable camera and ourselves.