Ages 16-29
Spring 2017, Johns Hopkins Homewood

This short, intensive workshop will provide an introduction to the art and science of editing.  Student fellows will cut together archival footage as a means of exploring principles of continuity, rupture, and visual rhythm in both narrative and non-narrative works.  They'll use publicly available material as well as their own personal "archives," such as home movies and family photographs.  Attention will also be given to developing sound tracks that offer additional depth to the images.  These will be assembled from free music and other free sound, and will include voice overs that may be drawn from the fellows' own, original writing; or from family letters and diaries; or from similar, third-person materials found in thrift shops.  Finished films will resemble personally expressive "scrapbooks," reflecting fellows' stories and also stories found in or constructed from the archival images and thrift shop texts.  Fellows will learn the basics of Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition.  Their films will be shared at a public screening and on the program website.  Limited to 8 student fellows.

John Mann is a documentary filmmaker and Senior Lecturer in the Film and Media Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University.  Works include the documentaries Shelter: Conversations with Homeless Men, Nicodemus, and Locust Point; the dance for the camera shorts Breathe In…Breathe Out and It Goes Without Saying; and the recent autobiographical short "if...then...”

Gillian Waldo is a film major at Johns Hopkins University.  She is interested in pursuing documentary filmmaking.