Ages 16-21
Summer 2019, Johns Hopkins Homewood

Nature Photography is the investigation of the natural environment with a strong emphasis on aesthetics.  In this workshop, we will focus our attention on grand scenic landscapes, "The Big Picture," but we will also focus on the little things: interesting details, rich textures, and vibrant colors.  Our photographic explorations will allow student fellows to focus on details about the natural environment including plants, animals, water, and sky, as well as on times of day and weather.  Field trips will take us to Cylburn Arboretum, Jones Falls Trail, and Lake Roland.  Fellows will learn practical location photographic skills, and will be introduced to iconic works by canonical artists and to new work by contemporary artists who may be unknown to them.  Through analysis of their own work and the work of established artists, they'll explore the diverse ways in which nature photography can be created and understood.  Each fellow will create a portfolio and write an artist's statement reflecting on their work.  Photographs with statements will be shared at a public exhibition and on the program website.  Limited to 9 student fellows. 

Colette Veasey-Cullors is Chair of the Photography Program at MICA.  Her work, which investigates race, class, education, and identity, has been widely exhibited.  Her collaborative interest is in social and creative engagement with individuals and communities, particularly those that are underserved and underrepresented.

Will McBride is a rising junior pursuing his BA in film and media studies at Johns Hopkins University. An aspiring songwriter and voice actor, he hopes to create art that not only entertains, but inspires as well.