Ages 16-29
Summer 2019, JHU-MICA Film Centre

In this short animation clinic, student fellows will learn the basics of lip-syncing for animated characters.  Working with a simple hand-drawn figure or with a tracing of a photographic image, and drawing from a selection of short texts, fellows will create individual short animations of talking characters.  Photographs will be portraits of the fellows.  Drawings may be human, animal, technological; anything the fellows dream up.  Texts may range from historical speeches to traditional song lyrics to literary excerpts in the public domain.  Fellows will be provided brief anthologies to choose from, and will record their own voices reading or performing the texts using Adobe Audition.  Fellows will learn symbol creation, animation techniques, rendering, recording and importing audio, lip syncing, and facial animation using Adobe Animate. Final projects will be shared on the program website, with selections shown at a final screening.  The concentrated schedule requires that all fellows be present on time at every meeting, no exceptions.  Some prior knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud is preferable, but beginners are welcome if they’re ready to work hard and catch on fast.  Limited to 8 student fellows.

Alfonzer Harvin is a graduate of the Screenwriting and Animation program (SWAN) at Morgan State University. He has created animations for Comcast and for the Baltimore Parking Authority, and is skilled in all phases of production.  He believes knowledge is all we need to change the world.

Maya Bussey is currently working towards her Bachelor's of Science in the Department of Biology at Johns Hopkins University. She is interested in medicine, specifically maternal and pediatric health, and she hopes to help people in underserved communities learn about their individual rights when it comes to health and medicine.