Ages 18-29
Spring 2017, Johns Hopkins Homewood and on location with the Maryland Film Festival in the Station North Arts District

This programming workshop will explore two approaches to creating public events for film exhibition: the film festival, typically for showcasing new films, often by emerging artists; and the film series, which might feature films by established filmmakers of any era.  (A film series may be organized around a variety of themes; for instance a director, a genre, or a national cinema.)  Fellows will be introduced to the festival submissions process from both filmmaker’s and organizer’s perspective.  They’ll volunteer with the instructor on site during the Maryland Film Festival; they’ll engage with professional festival organizers; and they’ll participate on selection committees for other events, including BYFA’s own Born in Baltimore Film & Photography Festival.  Each fellow will also pursue her/his love of film and film culture by planning her own film series, first examining the current playing field then creating a program that fills a void and/or fulfills a specific mission.  Fellows will finish the workshop with blueprints for sharing their passion in Baltimore communities large and small.  And — there will be popcorn.  Limited to 12 student fellows.

Jared Earley, memory maker, merges penchants for food and film through professional stints and personal indulgences. By day, he toils as a marketing, events, and PR professional. By night/weekend he consults for various film festivals and is the founder of the independent VHS screening series, playbackthetape (

Cieara Adams is a Baltimore City native and graduate of the Baltimore School for the Arts.  She is a practicing photographer/filmmaker and is seeking training to master her craft.  Her work focuses on social issues in underserved and underprivileged communities.