Kendrea Chiosi

I am a visual artist from East Baltimore.

Usually, my dog Lucky follows my mother around, but since she’s been on a trip to South Korea, he’s been following me around; I’m his second favorite person. I took photos of us together to show the relationship between me and Lucky. Lucky was easy to photograph because we know each other so well, despite how much he moves.

Doing the project I learned the differences and similarities between photography and visual arts like drawing and painting. I have experience in observational painting and drawing, but not much in digital photography. I learned that a similarity between these mediums is that it is important to capture a good composition to make your work interesting to look at. A difference between them is, unlike a drawing or painting, you can’t change a photo after you take it.


Nicolas Henderson

My photographic project is about myself. I thought it would be an interesting change for me, for I am a very closed-in person, and I usually don’t let people in on too much of my life. I also wanted to share with the audience the routine and activities of my day-to-day.

These photographs were taken at my grandma’s house, and at the basketball court down the street from my granddad’s house in West Baltimore. The images were taken on my cell phone using a timer.

Lindsey Tyler Leslie
The Things She Carried

My 5-year old goddaughter is full of imagination and wonder. My project aims to capture her curiosity as she spends a day exploring the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

My photos depict the strong connection she has to certain objects and people in her world; specifically, her hair ties, stuffed teddy bear, shoes and her mother. The colorful hair ties and flower shoes enable her to run, jump and play with ease. The teddy bear is a trusty sidekick during all her adventures. Her mother serves as a supportive guide throughout my goddaughter’s journey. My goddaughter looks to these objects and people to frame her understanding of the world around her and, more importantly, assert her place in the world.

In a way, this project is also representative of the misadventures of my own childhood. I, too, played with stuffed animals and colorful hair ties as a young girl. Though I’ve now replaced those “child-like” objects for more “adult” ones (e.g. iPhone, drivers license, deed), I’ve always tried to maintain a sense of wonder in the world around me.

Alexis Moore
The Chosen One

Hello World, I am Alexis and photography is my passion. I believe I was meant to be a photographer.

I chose to photograph my six-month-old daughter because she brings me great joy, and because she holds the universe within her mind and spirit. I wanted to capture the mystery behind her big eyes and the beauty of her smile, and to express why I am the luckiest mom to have her.

She doesn’t know it yet, but I know she will rock the world one day. She is the “Chosen One.”

Keysean Derrand reese
The Dome

Young basketball players are grinding every day to accomplish their dream. In Baltimore, I see kids up early, going to hoop and pushing the limit to be the best.

Those who play basketball are doing what they love: they are releasing everything built in them onto the court—blood, sweat and tears. It all comes out on that court in those fevered 48 minutes.

When I started working on this project I thought my focus would be the players, but as I photographed them, I found myself intrigued by the actual place, The Dome. I thought that in that space many of us had spent much of our lives. It means more than just a place; it is our second home.


Najah Thompson

I chose these pictures of myself because I want to give people a clear idea of what I’m like. I’m serious when I have to be, but most of the time I’m laughing, smiling and being goofy. And when other people see my pictures I want them to feel what I’m feeling and put a smile on their face.