Ages 16-21
Spring 2017, Johns Hopkins Homewood

In this full semester academic course, BYFA fellows will partner with Johns Hopkins undergraduates in exploring different genres of documentary photography, including the fine art document, photojournalism, social documentary photography, the photo essay, and photography of propaganda.  Meetings will take place at the Hopkins Homewood campus and in the field, in both country and city locations.  Participants will learn camera operation and aesthetics, and will be offered an introduction to the work of eminent photographers such as Jim Goldberg, Roy DeCarava, and Michael Kenna (click on names for sample work), learning from the masters as they find their own voices.  Fellows will work on a semester-long photo-documentary project on a subject of their choice, and their photographs will be included in The Center for Visual Arts student exhibition at Johns Hopkins.  Their work will also be exhibited at a BYFA event in June and on the program website.  Limited to 5 student fellows.

Phyllis Berger is a fine arts photographer and founder of the photography program in the Center for Visual Arts at Johns Hopkins University.  She also developed the JHU photography program in Ireland and has lectured in such diverse places as Croatia, Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, and the Galapagos islands.

Jessica Pettiford is an undergraduate in the Screenwriting and Animation (SWAN) program at Morgan State University. She hopes to help encourage students' interest in photography by sharing her skills.