Cieara Adams


Logline: Everyone is chasing something in Baltimore. Power, money, the high.  The film follows Stephen Trueheart, a methadone patient as he chases recovery.

Synopsis: The stats give the data but they don’t tell the story. There is a human side behind the numbers and the goal of this film is to shed light on that side of the issue that plagues our communities- drug addiction. Stephen, a methadone patient of three years says he wants to get off the program and get clean on his own. Chase follows Stephen and explores a day in the life of an addict seeking the road to recovery. As we follow Stephen, we feel the conflicts, objectives and obstacles he faces as an addict trying to get sober. Chase combines video diary, cinema vérite, interviews, and statistical research to reflect the horrific drug epidemic in Baltimore.

Despite my well wishes for Stephen’s recovery, I have no control over the outcome of his journey. Will he get clean or not?

Jesus Eusebio-Perez

As American as Homemade Tamales

Logline: A mother and son explore the nature of the American dream while making tamales.

Synopsis: When he was three, the jicama harvest in Mexico dwindled and his father left for America, hoping to provide a better life for his family. Shortly after he settled, his mother left him and his younger brother in her parents’ care and joined him. Then at five years old, he was taken on a circuitous journey to reunite with his parents in Baltimore and so begin his life as an American “Dreamer.”

As mother and son prepare tamales for a family celebration, the two share intimacies and reflect upon the old and new challenges facing them in their blended world.

Afia Fields

Diversity is Better

Logline: Twenty four years after her baby brother and cousin were killed by the house fire that scarred her family, Afia Fields - actress, poet and motivational speaker shares the reality of her life as a third degree burn survivor.

Synopsis: Like most twenty seven year olds, she continues to explore the various options and opportunities open to her in life. Unlike most young people her age, she is still integrating the impact of surviving a life changing fire in childhood. Diversity is Better follows Afia as she works to educate the world about the power of diversity.

Darian Jones

The Twenty-Fifth Hour


Logline: It’s now or never. A budding young rapper struggles with fears and stereotypes to bring his hidden passion to the  surface.

Synopsis: He’s always had a sense of being an artist. As a child he remembers his grandfather, DJ Blue Magic having everyone dancing and hosting talent shows. As time passed, doubt, fear and disapproval pushed his dreams to the dark. A rebirth is near as his artistic side pushes towards the surface. He knows it is time. Still struggling with the dilemma every artist confronts, it is time to execute his vision. Time to make his debut EP. It’s now or never.



Faith's Sunset

Logline: A young woman struggles with the value and maintenance of everyday faith.