Ages 16-29
Fall 2018, JHU-MICA Film Center

In this experimental photography workshop, student fellows will capture and piece together images of Baltimore, creating “quilts” that reflect their experiences and personal visions.  Using digital cameras, disposable cameras, and cellphones, and shooting in both black and white and color, they’ll assemble personal picture diaries of people, places, and objects.  They’ll then draw from these collections to create individual and group “quilts,” grids of varying dimensions and degrees of complexity.  They’ll consider composition of the individual image, the juxtaposition of images, and the effect of multiple images “stitched” together into a large, communal assemblage.  They’ll experiment with street and studio photography, working in natural and artificial light.  Fellows will be encouraged to build up their picture diaries on their own between workshop meetings.  And in addition to their visual diary, each fellow will keep a journal of their experiences working both alone and collaboratively.  They’ll discuss their creative processes as a group, and learn to productively critique each other’s aesthetic choices.  Their work will be shared at a public exhibition and on the program website.  A large, collaborative project will be displayed as well as individual pieces.  Limited to 12 student fellows.

Anthony McKissic is a photojournalist and mixed media artist from Washington D.C.  He also teaches photography in the Baltimore City Public Schools.

Jessica Pettiford is a graduate of the Screenwriting and Animation (SWAN) program at Morgan State University. She hopes to improve her own skills in photography while working with others and helping them learn something new.