Ages 16-18
Spring 2017, Maryland Historical Society

This documentary filmmaking workshop will focus on historical personal narratives, social commentary, and digital storytelling.  Fellows will be paired with selected elders from the community who have compelling stories to tell regarding the role of youth in social change.  The elders will share stories of being young in the volatile 1960s and early '70s and witnessing the world quickly changing around them.  The fellows will be tasked with the responsibility of producing the elders’ stories.  Fellows will be trained in historical documentary and advocacy filmmaking, and will be in charge of technical and creative decisions for a short, collaborative film.  Fellows will also reflect on their own experiences during the Baltimore Uprising of 2015, and the film will include their personal narratives.  The workshop will meet at the Maryland Historical Society, giving fellows access to millions of historical photos and artifacts, as well as to the Baltimore Uprising 2015 database.  Fellows will develop research as well as filmmaking skills, and benefit from a unique opportunity for cross-generational collaboration.  Their film will be shared at a public screening and on the program website.  Limited to 15 student fellows.

Baltimore Uprising is a Co-Production of Baltimore Youth Film Arts and Griot's Eye.

Ras Tre Subira is Founding Director of Griot's Eye and Afrikan Youth Alchemy.

Babatunde E. Salaam is a filmmaker, instructor, and program director with Griot’s Eye, a media program in Baltimore serving the cultural and creative needs of urban youth.  He has produced shorts exploring narratives of youth entrepreneurship, education, and the prison industrial complex.

Anthony ‘Mwalimu’ Truitt is a media literacy instructor with 18 years experience in Baltimore and his hometown Detroit.  As an independent journalist, producer, and filmmaker, with a background in broadcast news, he strives to share his knowledge with young people for the purpose of developing positive, thoughtful, and intelligent media.