Kendra Hawkins

Through the Looking Lens

Through this series of pictures, I am conveying the Baltimore I see. From the smallest leaf to unique architectural elements, looking through my camera lens allows me to notice details that can easily be overlooked. I aim to show the organic and manufactured beauty in a metropolitan setting through highlighting Baltimore's compositions.


Nick Henderson

Edmondson Village

My project is about the neighborhood in which I was raised. I became interested in the topic when we were doing introductions in class. Listening to where everybody was from, I didn't hear anyone say they were from Edmondson Village. I took these photographs while walking around my neighborhood.
I wanted to show the landmarks that are important to me.


Shawn Hinton

My Child

My series is about my child, Amirah. I am interested in this topic because children play a great part not only in my life, but in other people's lives too – even though they're just kids. If you really love them, you need them just as much as they need you. These are pictures of my two-year-old daughter just being herself.


Maria Jenkins

The Park

I am telling a story about where I was born and raised, a place I love now. This place molded me into the young woman I am today and affected me in the long run. This park became my outside home. Whenever I could, I would climb up the hill and look back at my neighborhood. The neighborhood I grew up in has a lot of memories – some that I enjoy and and some that I wish I could change. I enjoyed going to the park when I was tired of home, the chaos that I couldn’t control.


Nicola Jordan

Baltimore’s Beauty

My project is about the beauty that is within Baltimore City. My photos are composed of buildings, parks, and the Inner Harbor. I'm especially interested in photographing flowers, trees, and other natural moments in a man-made landscape.


Breshanna Mobley

My Mother

My mother is very strong. She went through a lot. My mother is like me, she holds in a lot even though
it’s hurting her. My mother comes to me about everything because she knows that I understand her and know
what to say and how to tell her. This project is important to me because I have been through the same things as
my mother and I know how to understand her. I know how she’s been hurt, and I feel that out all my mother's
kids, I’m the one that she really talks to and tells her pain to. My mother is very pretty and smart and really
nice to other people even when they get on her bad side.


Keeshanna Mobley

My New Family

My name is Keeshanna, and the importance of art to me is to make the world a more colorful, beautiful place. My project is about my new family. I am interested in this topic because I finally have something of my own, something that I can finally call mine and love to the core without being hurt physically or emotionally. This series includes a sonogram picture of my son because he is a newcomer to this family, and he is what completes this family. I am also showing a family photo of me and Ryan, as well as pictures of baby R.J. as he first sees the world and a lot of new faces.
In conclusion, I am very thankful for my new family!


Trasean Mobley


My story is about my daughter Madison because I am around her every day. I am telling this story because I love taking pictures. I am showing my story through the love I have for my daughter because I love her more than everything in the world. She is funny and she loves to take pictures when I take out the camera. If I don't take a picture, she will get mad at me. When I take the camera home, I teach her how to work the camera. She is only 3 years old. I think we should teach the little ones so they know how to use a camera.


Zakira Richards

Everything Together, But Different

My neighborhood is different from any other neighborhood. You have to go miles to find a supermarket or a gas station (the nearest gas station is over by Mondawmin). It's not like the county, where a lot of different stores are close by. Here, there are corner stores everywhere. You can get things like shirts, personal care products, chips, candy, laundry detergent - you can get those nearby. For things like shoes (except for cheap flip-flops), you have to go far.

Some places have nice big houses; some places have small houses. Any place will be your home if you are from there. These pictures are like a map of home for anyone who looks at them.


Brandon Ross

Brandon's images show a particular interest in hidden spaces, a curiosity about what is just out of sight.
-Chrissy Fitchett


Derasia Ross


I'm just being Rae. A #KingdomKid trying to decrease myself and increase God's love within me so that others can always see God's light blooming in me. It doesn't have to be a trend to be an open believer of God. I am planted in his will, and it doesn't have to be a trend . . .


Ryan Williams

Ryan's photographs explore a range of Baltimore landscapes in select and complex detail.
-Chrissy Fitchett