Stephen Brumant

I chose this picture because it shows my inner self instead of my tough shell. I’ve learned to cope with the humble beast instead of the fierce act. This also shows I’m very enthusiastic and like to interact with friends.

Myra Davis

I am able create with people I trust. Like the people I work with here at BYFA. I am independent, not weak! I am courageous, not a disappointment! Believe in yourself and you can accomplish something great!



India is a ball of cool energy, navigating life by embracing its obstacles and the joy it brings.

--Jamal Evans


Nia Hobbs

I am very uplifting and I like my picture because it helps portray me as a Queen. You can see how I have the sunlight shining on my face to enhance how bright I am.


Antonio Lewis

The picture I took is about whom I'm close with. I choose this picture because it shows whom I can express myself with. I'm usually a quiet person but when I'm around everyone here at BYFA I feel like I’ve known everyone for a long time and they bring out my inner Deadpool. Here is where I can show my
funny side.



Myles Michelin

My photo says that I have been through a lot. I tried to make my face as serious as possible to show the struggles of my life. My pose is kind of cool looking though because
I am a serious yet a cool person.



Destiny discussed many times how important it was for her to grow as a makeup artist and to create beauty.  It i said that we don't see the world for how it really is, but instead we view the world the same way we view ourselves.  It's clear that she sees a beatiful world.

--Jamal Evans

Measha Norris

Daily, I am striving to strengthen my confidence. “Face Me I Face You” is a confident statement, but a silent cry for acceptance. Let me be me and I’ll let you be you. We’ll understand one another walking in each other’s shoes.




Zion Okoro

The image I picked was because of the background. It has multiple shades of color and they seem to be ever changing and it represents my ever changing moods and me.
I am always trying to evolve as a person taking on a new shade of life.




Trinitee Oliver

I am my own light
The reflective lights are me



Tyler O’Neal

What I liked about my photo is that I timed it right and I got a great view of myself outside. The photo says that I like to be outside and be by myself. Taking this photo of myself allowed me to express my creativity.