Ages 16-21
Summer 2016, Morgan State University

     A is for Artist
     N is for Narrator
     I is for Illusionist
     M is for Musician
     A is for Actor
     T is for Technician
     O is for Orchestrator
     R is for Raconteur

This workshop places student fellows in the role of self-sufficient animator.  Each fellow will produce a complete animated short (1-1:30 minutes), playing all the production roles from writing and producing the music to writing and producing the animation. They'll learn the building blocks of traditional hand-drawn animation, and then from these fundamentals move into 2D and 3D animation processing and compositing, utilizing Soundtrack Pro, Final Cut, After Effects, and other software.  The "guerilla" independent filmmaking experience will teach discipline, confidence, critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and the benefits of collaboration.  The fellows' animations will be shared at a public screening and on the program website.  Limited to 12 student fellows.

The Guerilla Role Animator is a co-production of Baltimore Youth Film Arts and Morgan State University.

Willie Moore's animated shorts have garnered awards including, “The Golden Eagle,” “The Paul Robeson Award,” and “The Rose Bud Award.”  His feature Bully Situation was released in 2008.  He is currently Professor of Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.  

Alexander Johnson was introduced to animation through the Maryland Institute College of Arts – Young Peoples Studio.  He was the first animation student to attend Morgan State University’s Screenwriting and Animation (SWAN) program and is now pursuing his MFA in Computer Animation and Multimedia at the University of Baltimore.

Jessica Pettiford is an undergraduate in the Screenwriting and Animation (SWAN) program at Morgan State University. She hopes to improve her own skills in animation while working with others and helping them learn something new.