Ages 16-29
Spring 2017, Johns Hopkins Homewood

Can a scribble be angry?  Can a circle laugh?  In this introduction to hand-drawn animation, each student fellow will develop a distinctive style to communicate emotion abstractly through the drawn line.  Bolstered by journaling, group conversations, and examples of animation from around the world, we will focus on how to translate the invisible qualities of emotion into visual, “dancing” forms.  Each fellow will create a final project (1-2 minutes long) which depicts an emotional reaction to a personal situation.  Fellows will learn the fundamentals of animation production, including storyboarding, animatics, pencil testing, and editing.  Final projects will be shared at a public screening and exhibition and on the program website.  No previous drawing experience needed, but patience is necessary.  Limited to 12 student fellows.

Gwyneth Anderson is an experimental animator and visual artist exploring themes of invisibility and perception. She has screened and exhibited work in galleries, festivals, forests, and vacant lots throughout the US and internationally. She recently moved to Baltimore from Chicago, where she was a teaching artist with both the Museum of Contemporary Art and Columbia College.

Sebastian Durfee is an aspiring filmmaker from Shaftsbury, VT.  He iscurrently a student at Johns Hopkins University and is pursuing degrees in film production and theatre arts.